Testimonials & Reviews

"Hey, your book is really cool!"
    - A.S.

"I have seen and read Penny's book and it is BEAUTIFUL!! Your kids will spend hours browsing the spectacularly bright and busy pages. It also quizzes the kids on all the halachot of the Chanukiya. A really good buy! Great job Penny!"
    - S.L.

"We are loving it!"
    - J.K.

"We love it! And I think Penny told me (confirm with her) that it was not yet available in chu"l - so if you're travelling and need a gift, here's something truly original that they don't have "there" yet!
    - J.C.

"Your book is a delight for both children and adults. Each and every chanukiah is a work of art - so interesting to look at. From the graphics to the text, this book is the perfect Chanukah gift!"
    - L.S.

"My 7-year-old adored Penny's book. So did my mother, who took it home to America to read to her other grandchildren. It's a great gift, and very special."
    - S.C.

"... really incredible, original, creative work!"
    - A.F.

Penny Harow's new coffe-table book "Festival of Lights" (Urim Publications) features a collection of handmade chanukiot that she's created (and that may inspire you to make your own). Harow, who lives in Beit Shemesh, Israel, is known for her whimsical centerpiece designs. The book contains photos of 150 chanukiot made of a variety of materials including racing cars, dolls, and shoes. Her works have been displayed in the Israel Design Center/Meidatheque in Holon, the largest public library in Israel, and elsewhere. For information, visit pennyschanukiot.com
    - The Jewish Standard

Festival of Lights: A Delightful Collection of Handmade Chanukiot, by Penny Harrow (Urim, cloth, $24.95). There are very few words in this pictorial collection of Hannukah menorahs - kosher and non-kosher - the author has made over the years. Her cleverness with toys and other small objects (nail polish hars, light bulbs) is really quite delightful, as she states in the title. Entertaining and possibly inspiring for other artists and crafters.
    - November 28, 2008 JTNEWS - Books in Brief